Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Treasure Trove Tuesday

I did have time to get some shopping done despite spending pretty much all weekend working in the yard so I have things to share with you for Treasure Trove Tuesday!
The last group of milk glass vases that I had listed in my shop sold so I picked up some more and I thought the tray was so pretty.
Someone must have collected owls because I found several all at the same store, this one is a piggy bank... or should I say owl bank? :o)
 My grandma had a pitcher similar to this except hers was much larger, this one is pretty small!
This owl is a little trivet, isn't it cute!
Vintage Corning salt and pepper set...
 These are vintage pin cushions made with canning jar rings... sorry for the bad pictures...
 Old wooden berry boxes...
I'm not quite sure what this horse wall hanging is for but I like it and horse decor is very popular right now.
Not only did someone collect owls but also earring stands! There were SO many but most were priced so high I wouldn't have had any profit margin left. I did manage to find these at a reasonable price... An owl pair, daisy, and poodle pair. I also liked the little fox figurine and these pretty clip on earrings. The are all sitting on top of a vintage jewelry box that has pink velvet interior!
 Vintage wood hangers...
 Another fixer-upper mail holder...
 This is a cool picture of someplace in Germany... or at least that's what is written on the back.
 This is a vintage kit to make your own teddy bear and it's still complete and unopened!
 A Tony the Tiger tray, pink Melmac tray, and old hair curler bucket!
There are also two vintage accordion peg racks in the back, two panels of Care Bears and friends to sew, and an old wooden crate. I am planning on fixing it up to use as a photo prop.
 Hope you all had a productive weekend!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Weekend Yard Work - Planting, Transplanting and Drip Line

Friday I showed you my nice, organized, cleaned up shed/workshop and newly planted vegetable garden. Last weekend I shared a little landscaping project with some repurposed salad bowl mushrooms and my new garden shed. Saturday and today I worked on my drip line and a little piece of the backyard perimeter.

Here are a couple of before shots of the area I worked on:
  That bush on the left is a honeysuckle and of course it is staying! Notice the exposed drip line...
A sickly tree... not sure what it is but it's really struggling :o(
Some strangely placed plants and no, I didn't do it, they were here when I bought the house.
A closer shot of those plants, notice the ornamental grass doesn't look too hot... my dog Pongo thinks it's a bed so it's rather squashed.

First thing I did was rototill the area, then I worked on my drip like... it was a mess... holes in the hose with no drip lines attached, missing drip line heads, lines that were watering nothing and some plants that had no lines to water them! I got that all fixed!
Here are some after shots... I will be adding some river rock soon, just didn't have time this weekend.
A little better! I gathered up some more of my birdhouses (holy cow, I had quite the collection!) and placed them next to the iris along with an old iron headboard.
I buried the drip line main hose so it's not sitting on top of the ground looking all ugly! I moved the strangely placed plants, divided the ornamental grass into three separate plants, trimmed and fluffed them up, added a new evergreen ground cover plant (the bright green one), and moved the sickly tree to another part of the yard.
I also worked on three different planters... here is a before shot of two of those planters... the wheelbarrow that belonged to my grandma...
And an old canvas apple picking bag (lying in the wheelbarrow). Here is a picture of what one would have looked like... mine isn't this nice, I found it at the dump.
Here is my wheelbarrow now...
 I planted a couple of dracena's in the center (the tall spikey things)...
 Petunias and some little white ground cover, not sure what it's called.
Here is my apple picking bag all planted...

A white petunia and some sort of draping plant that was in a planter from last year and just happened to survive the winter!
I also transplanted an ornamental grass from a plastic pot that was falling apart into this new one and set it on the deck.

And finally... remember this picture of my vegetable garden from Friday?
I replaced the trellis with an old ladder... also from the dump!
Next weekend I hope to work on some more of the backyard perimeter and get some rock.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Weekend Yard Work - Another Shed Project and Planting the Garden

Last weekend I showed you my new garden shed and a little landscaping project that I did. Today I'm sharing another shed project and my vegetable garden.

This shed is now serving as my workshop...
I put the top half of the hutch I sawed in half last weekend on the bench. I will have to add some more decor to the shelves, it's looking rather bare right now!
 This vintage canister set is holding things like drawer pulls and rusty parts and pieces.
To the right of the bench and hutch top is a metal shelving unit. There were two of these in the shed when I bought the house, they were very ugly and rusty so I spray painted them! And my toolbox my dad gave me last year.
 My workbench...
To the left of the bench and hutch is the other metal shelving unit with projects that are in progress or waiting.
Looking back toward the door...

I know... not too exciting for most but it feels so nice to have it all organized and cleaned up. Now I have my workshop and the garden shed.

Once I finished this project I moved on to planting my little vegetable garden. It sits right on the other side of the new garden shed. Here is a before shot...
Very dry and empty :o(
I added a gigantic bag of garden soil for vegetables and I planted snap peas in front of the trellis in the back, onions and cabbage along both sides and a tomato plant. I will probably add more just not sure what yet.
I decided to try planting some herbs in the strawberry pot since the strawberries I tried last year didn't do very well. In the top are chives and basil in a few of the side pockets. I also planted some flowers along the front just to add a little color. I think it will be really pretty when everything starts to fill in.
 And here is my little garden angel reading to the baby plants :o)
Tomorrow my mom and I are going to hit a few yard sales and then I hope to start on some more landscaping.

Do you have a vegi garden? If so, what do you like to grow?