Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Treasure Trove Tuesday

It's time once again for Treasure Trove Tuesday where I show you my latest junking finds!

I loved this cute little vintage Easter Bunny and he's in very good shape for his age! Wish I could say the same!

I think Madonnas like these are so pretty, she's in pristine condition which is surprising since I found her at Goodwill and sometimes they don't take very good care of their wares.

A HUGE ball of thread. I've seen these used as quirky little "bulletin boards" which was what I thought of when I found it... of course I guess you could use it for it's intended purpose... but that's boring!

There were two of these ugly little owls. They are marked "Italy" and I think they'll be much cuter painted.

This tiny little spice rack will also get a new paint job. These are fun to use in a craft room for storing bottles of glitter or beads!

A "Snack Hound"... this is something I can relate to!!

This funky little tray is a lap tray. My cousin and I used these when we stayed at our grandma's house and my daughter used one while she was growing up too... fond memories!

These are vintage Gurley candles. They are both a little warped as you can see but I think they are still so adorable!

These next few items I am keeping.

This Burt's Bees set was still wrapped in the cellophane! This stuff is expensive so I was thrilled to find this for $4.99! I looked on their website and I don't see this particular set but similar one's go for anywhere from $25 to $45!

This chubby little dude is now at home with his much thinner homies!

And I just love this little onion guy! I think he will be cute in the garden marking the onions!

So that's it for this week!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Main Bathroom Redo - The Vanity

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I've been working on the vanity in my bathroom redo project. Remember this picture?

My plan was to remove the doors to the vanity, add a shelf, and paint it.

I removed the doors and filled the holes left from the hinges. I had put down the contact paper when I moved in because I just couldn't stand it the way it was! So, I decided to leave it, I like it :o)

I painted it the same light grey as the {repurposed medicine cabinet shelf} I made. Doesn't it look so much better already?!

Then I used some scrap wood left over from my {laundry folding table} project and made a shelf.

I used these little metal pegs to hang the shelf. Amazon has them here:

You can see in this picture how I cut around the pipes. I was so shocked that I actually got it perfect the very first cut! (Patting myself on the back now)

I also wanted to paint the toilet paper roll holder and the door knob.

 I used Rust-Oleum Hammered Metal spray paint in dark bronze.

I wanted baskets to keep things in on the bottom shelf and I had a little something in mind for that fake drawer front...

I found a rattan basket at TJ Maxx but it was too tall :o( So, then I was standing there staring at the basket... wishing it would fit and I glanced over to the right and saw one of these vintage locker baskets sitting empty in the spare bedroom! Voila! A place for towels!

You can see I also added some more of that rope style trim I've been using in all my open cupboards.

I added a little towel bar to the front of the fake drawer, it is actually a cabinet pull, like this:

Just to keep things in perspective here... let's see how this room looked when I bought the house back in September.


I'm loving how this vanity project turned out!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Craft Studio Redo

I've been off work all week because I'm having a new sprinkler system installed at my house. I probably didn't really need to take the week off but I couldn't leave the dogs inside all day without a potty break and I couldn't leave the doggy door open because the sprinkler guys always leave the gates hanging open and my two little ones are flight risks! Soooo, it seemed like the perfect excuse! :o)

Anyway, yesterday I decided to rearrange my craft studio. I had recently raped the room of all the old wooden apple crates to use in my booth space so I had piles of things that were once stored in the crates sitting on the floor. Plus the room was a mess, I also found a really cool wall hanging basket at TJ Maxx that I wanted to use in the room, and then I found the perfect bookcase on Craigslist so that sealed the deal!

Want to see? Well.... of COURSE you do! :o)

See the tall bookcase with the vintage camera collection on top? That's the Craigslist bookcase. A local bookstore is moving locations and selling some of their book cases, this is one of them. It is a little over 7 feet tall, super sturdy, and only 7 1/2" deep, and it was only $20! Perfect!

Since it's pretty much the first thing you see when you're walking down the hall I filled it up with the prettiest storage pieces I have. My sewing machine fits perfectly on the bottom shelf!

I had these plastic pieces stacked almost all the way to the ceiling but all the weight was making them lean a little too much for my liking. So, I un-stacked them and created two shorter shelving units.

My work table is now on the far wall and under the window a little bit. It used to be almost in the center of the room. It feels so much bigger with it here now.

I hung my marquee arrow on the wall above the table and that basket is the one I found at TJ Maxx.

I stacked up my vintage wicker shelving unit and the vintage lingerie drawers in the corner.

Here's a closer look at the basket. I put a collection of pretty boxes inside.

This funnel is hanging from one of the plastic shelves for balls of string and twine.

I grouped my Eiffel Tower collection on this shelf.

I store my paints in this old 7-Up crate.

I found this magazine rack at a garage sale a couple of years ago for $2!

This cubby shelf used to hang on the wall but I thought it would be useful on the table to hold items I use a lot like scissors, pens and pencils, paint brushes, and sponge brushes.

This closet holds most of my Etsy shop inventory. I am still looking for a curtain to cover up the mess. It actually is organized even though it doesn't look that way. I finally figured out an inventory system that works for me so I don't have to worry about selling something and then not being able to find it anymore!

This little skinny section of wall was perfect for this skinny little bookshelf!

I put this cute little girl in a teeny-tiny vise that my dad gave me!

Here is my Etsy shipping center. The crate on the wall holds baker's twine, tags, tape, stamps, etc. The white shelf on the table holds business cards, a stapler, and paper clips in the jello molds on top. The little suitcase holds return address labels, and packing tape, tape measure, and my tape gun. My shipping scale is on the table. The plastic drawers below the table hold bubble wrap and tissue paper, my printer is on top of one of them, and envelopes are in between! I am going to make a skirt for the table to make this area look a little prettier.

This is next to the door.

On top is my collection of plastic flowers and my favorite doll head. I know it creeps some people out but she's not creepy at all to me. Scroll fast if she bothers you!

This is my little crafting angel, I picked her up years ago at an antique show. She used to be part of a display in a flower shop!

This shelf holds my collection of tomato pin cushions and other sewing paraphernalia like scissors (hanging on the side), thimbles, etc.

I'm so happy with how it turned out! It took me almost all day! It's amazing how long it takes to reorganize my crafting hoard goodies!