Monday, April 21, 2014

Weekend Yard Work - Boulders and a Pallet Walkway

As you know, I've been spending my weekends working on my backyard. The first weekend was spent putting together my new garden shed and a little landscaping project complete with some cute mushroom lawn ornaments I made. The next weekend I cleaned out and organized my workshop and planted my veggie garden and worked on transplanting some plants and getting my drip line all set up.

This weekend was shorter as far as time for working on my yard due to Easter but I still managed to get a couple of things done.

On Saturday a friend came over to help me move in some boulders, I have wanted to add some to my landscaping for awhile now. I looked at some fake ones at a local garden store the other day and a small one was almost $100!!! For a fake boulder... WHAT?!? I didn't even ask about the real ones after that... just walked out with my head hanging...
So then my mom pointed at a pile of three boulders down by the street in front of my house... "why don't you use those?" she asks... well DUH! Why didn't I think of that?! It was almost a forehead slap moment!! :o) My friend and I placed one next to the iris and I stacked a couple of smaller rocks behind it so I would have a place for my birdhouse.
We put the largest one next to this ornamental tree (don't ask me what kind of tree it is... I don't know) See that black tape around the tree branch? Oops! this rock was so big and heavy when we dumped it out of the wheel barrow it flopped over and took a chunk out of the tree :o( We had heard somewhere that if you tape the bark back to the tree and add a little dirt it will heal itself. So... my tree has a band aid!
I think once I add the small, ground cover rocks this will look really nice!
 We put the last and smallest rock underneath another ornamental tree and put a birdhouse next to it.
So that was my first project of the weekend... it takes longer than you would think to place boulders! There was a lot of backing up... turn it a little to the left... no your other left... now right... back it up a little bit... no, put it back how it first was! LOL! I'm sure my friend loves me! :o)

The next project involves this area that I worked on the first weekend.
 And a couple of these old pallets from my stash.
 I cut them in half so I now had two small pallets like this.
And then I dug out a little bit of dirt and moved a few rocks out of the way and created this.
 A little pallet walkway or boardwalk!
 Again... I think it will look cuter once I get some of the smaller, ground cover rocks.
I'm also thinking of adding in some more boards between the exiting boards to create a more solid looking boardwalk, but that will require sawing some boards and I ran out of time this weekend!

 You can see my lilac is in full bloom right now too!
What do you think? Do you like it or do you think it's too busy in this corner now?

Oh, and I didn't get out and do any shopping for Treasure Trove Tuesday so I'll be back on schedule with that next week :o)

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Top Vintage Collectibles - Part 3 - Vintage Advertising Hangers

Part 3 of my Top Vintage Collectibles series is about vintage advertising hangers! 
Hangers have been around since the 1800’s when Victorian women’s bustles and skirts had special storage needs. The hangers back then had various kinds of adjustable parts and spring systems.

Source: Displayarama

They evolved from there to include folding travel hangers and some with extras little hooks for belts. Tailors and clothing merchants soon discovered that hangers would be a good way to advertise their businesses, and from there evolved the wooden advertising hanger!
So, aside from using them for the obvious… to hang your clothes (so much better for your clothing than wire hangers… so much prettier than plastic!) here are a few ways you could display a collection of your own:
Make a unique headboard:

Source: from Bachman's Summer Idea House Itsy Bits and Pieces

Hang your jewelry:
 Source: Household Diva

Hang a curtain:

Hold your magazines:

Hang up your towels:

Here is how I display my small collection:
I just hang them up over the curtain in the laundry room, kind of like a little valance :o)

Here is a tip too… don’t pass up hangers with crochet covers like these:
 Source: eBay

They are usually crocheted over a wooden hanger… sometimes a wooden advertising hanger, that's how I found a couple of mine! You can spread the crochet apart and see if you can see any letters before you rip them up… These are nice, I’m not sure I would tear these apart… but some… well, they leave a little to be desired and in that case go for it!!

In case you missed the first two posts in this series you can see them here:

Next time I'm going to talk about Prize ribbons!
  • Vintage office supplies
  • Advertising hangers
  • Prize ribbons
  • Barbershop finds
  • Vintage aprons 
  •  Vintage horse d├ęcor

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Treasure Trove Tuesday

I did have time to get some shopping done despite spending pretty much all weekend working in the yard so I have things to share with you for Treasure Trove Tuesday!
The last group of milk glass vases that I had listed in my shop sold so I picked up some more and I thought the tray was so pretty.
Someone must have collected owls because I found several all at the same store, this one is a piggy bank... or should I say owl bank? :o)
 My grandma had a pitcher similar to this except hers was much larger, this one is pretty small!
This owl is a little trivet, isn't it cute!
Vintage Corning salt and pepper set...
 These are vintage pin cushions made with canning jar rings... sorry for the bad pictures...
 Old wooden berry boxes...
I'm not quite sure what this horse wall hanging is for but I like it and horse decor is very popular right now.
Not only did someone collect owls but also earring stands! There were SO many but most were priced so high I wouldn't have had any profit margin left. I did manage to find these at a reasonable price... An owl pair, daisy, and poodle pair. I also liked the little fox figurine and these pretty clip on earrings. The are all sitting on top of a vintage jewelry box that has pink velvet interior!
 Vintage wood hangers...
 Another fixer-upper mail holder...
 This is a cool picture of someplace in Germany... or at least that's what is written on the back.
 This is a vintage kit to make your own teddy bear and it's still complete and unopened!
 A Tony the Tiger tray, pink Melmac tray, and old hair curler bucket!
There are also two vintage accordion peg racks in the back, two panels of Care Bears and friends to sew, and an old wooden crate. I am planning on fixing it up to use as a photo prop.
 Hope you all had a productive weekend!