Monday, August 25, 2014

Old Tin Knock-Off

Once again I won't have a Treasure Trove Tuesday post this week but I do have another crafty upcycling type project to share :o) This is my Pinspiration that I pinned eons ago:
This is a vintage flour tin... obviously right?! It's from Paddywhacks shop on Etsy and is already sold.

I got this old berry tin from the same vintage pick that I found the old mailbox that I recently redid.
What do you think... would you have picked it up? I did because I remembered that old flour tin and thought I could make my own knock-off!
First thing I did was wipe the layer of dust and dirt off. I used Vaseline over the rusty spots so that I could easily remove the paint from those areas to allow the rust to show through, then I mixed up my very own concoction of paint into a very light grey color and slopped it on the can.
You can see how the Vaseline areas look before they were sanded back off.
And I liked the old label so I painted around it!
Then I sanded it. I even left the piece of masking tape that had "Peas" written on it and painted right over it... I don't know why really... it just looks older that way to me I guess :o)
You can see the areas where the Vaseline was...
Then I decided that since it still had the berry label on it it would be weird to knock-off a flour tin so I went with Berries!
I forgot to take a picture of the next steps but I just used plain ol' cardboard stencils like this, these are from Office Super Savers. And then I painted the areas of each letter that weren't painted, kind of like connecting the dots.

 It's not quite as aged as the flour tin but I'm happy with it, what do you think?
I also thought one of those giant tins of popcorn that you see at Walmart at Christmas time would be a good candidate for a project like this, that was my original plan until I found this tin.

It will be listed in my upcycled/recycled Etsy shop, Little Cottage Crafts very soon. You should pop over there and see the other new projects I've been adding to the shop :o)

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Giant Mailbox Redo

Today I'm sharing a little redo I did on a GIANT mailbox :o) Here are a couple of before shots... you may remember this from my first ever vintage pick! It doesn't look so bad from this side...
 But take a look at the lovely paint job on the other side! Eek!
The first thing I did was give it a coat of burgundy paint that was left over from my front door. I'll be honest here too... I didn't even clean the thing first, sometimes I think a little dirt just adds to the rustic/weathered appeal that I'm going for!

And then I sanded it a little bit.
Then I took some chocolate brown paint and slopped that all over it then wiped some off with an old rag and sanded it again.
Then I took some light gray and dry brushed it all over hoping to give it an aged effect.
 And of course sanded it yet again to bring out the embossed words and details.

I thought it would be cute to put plants in...

And it would be kind of cool on a picnic or patio table to hold napkins, paper plates, silverware, etc.
One of my friends was over visiting and when I showed him he said "Oh, I LIKE that!" so it's now his :o) He always does a lot to help me out when I need it so he deserves to have it plus it's pretty heavy and would cost a lot to ship if I sold it in my Etsy shop! He mentioned putting a plant in it or perhaps using it to hold his barbecue utensils or something.
So from this...
 To this in just a few easy steps :o)

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


I'm sorry, I don't have a Treasure Trove Tuesday post today. I didn't buy a single thing over the weekend. I've had something on my mind lately and I'm trying NOT to buy anything for a little bit (not to mention the fact that I have enough back-stock to list new things in my shop daily for a while!) I hope to be able to share what's got me preoccupied real soon though :o) Don't worry, it's nothing bad.

Since I have nothing for today's post I thought I could share some Pinspiration! I LOVE Pinterest how about you? I've gotten lots of inspiration there so I thought it would be fun to go back over a few of them... a their's and mine type of post.

These are all yard and garden Pinspirations, maybe next time I'll see what else has Pinspired me!

First up is the garden hose wreath I made recently. Here is my Pinspiration:

And here's my version.

A pallet walkway... my Pinspiration:

My version:

Squirrel feeder Pinspiration:

My version:

Concrete garden balls Pinspiration:
Source: Design Sponge

My version:

Garden mushrooms Pinspiration:

My version:

Flower pot man Pinspiration:

My version:

Mailbox garden tool storage Pinspiration:

My version:

Garden solar lights Pinspiration:

My version:

Hose hanger Pinspiration:
Source: Thistle House

My version:

And my most recent Pinspiration... ucpcyled bowling ball lady bug:
Source: unknown :o(

My version:

Man! That's allotta gooood Pinspiration there! Have you been Pinspired lately?!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Weekend Yard Work - Upcycled Bowling Ball Yard Art

I made myself a cute little lady bug for my yard with an upcycled bowling ball!

I showed you this bowling ball a few weeks ago that I found at a garage sale for .50 cents.

I spray painted it with some red spray paint and then got to work creating my little lady :o)

I used some plastic grocery sacks and tape and taped it off for the largest black areas... the face and the wings. The two finger holes would become eyes and the thumb hole would be where the antennas would go.

I used flat black spray paint. I suppose if you didn't like the engraved writing you could fill it in with bondo or maybe wood filler would work... I am far to lazy for that much detail!

Next were the spots... I used a scrap of contact paper and cut two different sized holes. I used a scrapbooking punch for the largest hole and I traced a craft paint bottle for the smaller holes. Then I just stuck the contact paper onto the ball and sprayed the spots black, waited for them to dry and moved my contact paper to a different area of the ball.

I also used the same piece of contact paper for the eyes using the largest size hole. I used some white craft paint and a sponge brush for them.

Then I used a tiny bit of Plaster of Paris and some 16 guage wire bent in half. Fill the thumb hole with Plaster of Paris and stick the bent end of the antenna into it. It sets up very quickly!

A couple of small wooden candle cups for the antenna. You could use wood balls too but I didn't have any and didn't want to run to the craft store... so candle cups it is!!

And here is my cute little lady bug!!

I chose an area of my yard that doesn't get hit with sprinklers so she will last longer.

You can find more upcycled bowling ball lady bugs on Pinterest here... I've seen them in different colors too!

Here are the previous Weekend Yard Work posts if you are interested!