Thursday, December 18, 2014

Holiday Front Porch

Hey there, I'm back to show my  holiday front porch! I love having a large front porch like this to decorate. I didn't buy anything new this year, I just used what I already have. I'll give you a little tour!
I drew some colorful chalk ornaments on my chalkboard, loaded up my mailbox with greenery, berries, branches, and fluffy white pom-pom flowers, and I draped a cozy blanket over my chair.

I set this old ladder up on the porch when I moved in because I didn't know where else to put it at that time and it has stayed here so I just folded it up and propped my big metal star on top!

I put out a little tree and decorated it with some crochet yarn garland and rusty reindeer bell ornaments.
And my cute little rabbit got a new (thrifted) Santa hat! It was far, far too big for him but I just used a large paperclip in the back to cinch it up to his size! =)
I've had this wreath for so long, my now ex mother-in-law gave it to me about 23 years ago! It's just never gone out of style... well except for a really ugly Santa head that used to hang in the center... I took that out years ago though!

My mom painted this Santa Claus years ago. You should check out her Etsy shop, {Tole-tally Painted} where she sells all her hand painted creations!
Finally, I took out all the dead plants from these planters and stuck in a little artificial trees and surrounded it with silver ball ornaments.
That's it for now, thanks for stopping by! I'll be back soon with some shots of my Christmas tree!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Home Tour

Hey everyone, hope you all had a good weekend. I spent mine decorating here and there for Christmas... I'm a bit slow this year... I've been seeing everyone's beautiful Christmas decor and home tours for weeks now, some even before Thanksgiving. I finally got it done though! Come on in and see!

My tree is sitting right between the living and dining room right next to the wood stove. I had fun decorating my "mantle".
I propped up an old window that I put chalkboard contact paper on, leaned my white felt tree against that and wrote the word "Believe" above it. The numbers are paper mache numbers from Hobby Lobby. I painted them white and glittered the fronts but you can't really see that in the picture :o( The little packages are just chunks of styrofoam wrapped in brown paper and tied with baker's twine.
I put my tree in an old apple crate and draped a piece of faux fur next to it with my Reindeer Feed pillow until I get some packages wrapped and placed under the tree. I brought the bucket next to the wood stove in from outside and piled some wood in it along with a deer antler.

 I used the adorable paper village that Alice shared over on Thoughts From Alice.

 Isn't it so sweet?! I love it!

And I put some new lettering on my chalkboard that's hanging above.

Here are some little vignettes and do-dads from around the house.

 I made these folded paper back book trees last year. The little truck is an old Avon cologne bottle!

 I even changed up my menu!

 I didn't get too carried away in the dining room... a wreath on the sliding glass door...
 A little vignette on the dining table...
And I added some red berries to my kitchen cupboard turned open shelving and a small book page tree.
This is the kitchen window.

I saw one of these on Pinterest last year so I had to make one with my old window screen! You just poke the ornament hangers right into the screen, so easy!
 And my ladder shelf got a few Christmas touches too!
 I love this little vintage snowman, he's actually an old candy container!

 I found this funny card at Walmart and thought he would be so cute framed!
 Mr. deer got a scarf...

I just love Christmas and decorating my home for the season. Yesterday a friend asked my why I go to all the effort when my daughter now has a place of her own and I don't have a significant other. Well... because it makes ME happy that's why! I have always decorated for this holiday... even when I was a single mom and dirt poor! One year our Christmas tree was a freebie that was cut off of a tree at the tree farm! It was tiny but STILL a Christmas tree! I would be depressed if I didn't decorate for Christmas.

I'll be back in awhile to show some close up shots of my tree as well as my decorated front porch!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Master Bedroom Redo - Repainting and A Surprise Accent Wall!

I'm back to show you my surprise in my bedroom redo! Remember this end wall that I said I had ordered something special for?
Well, here it is!!
 YES!!! I love it!
It's the White Wood Planks Texture Wallpaper Mural that I ordered from Amazon! It's kind of like wallpaper, it comes all rolled up in sections. My wall is 12' wide by about 8' tall and this mural was the perfect size and came in 4 sections.
I have to say though, it was HARD to put up by myself!! I think with two people it would be much easier. It is REALLY nice quality, thick paper and it even has a little bit of texture to it!
 It looks amazingly real don't you think?
It came with paste but I just used some regular wall paper paste that I already had. I was a little bit panicked at first because it was really wrinkly and full of air bubbles when I put that first piece up. I must have spent at least an hour on the first piece straightening, smoothing, pulling back down, smoothing, more smoothing, and even more smoothing. I was so frustrated I finally said screw it... and moved on. But by the time I got to the end piece that first one had completely smoothed and flattened itself out! Yippee!
My top edge was a little wonky (probably from trying to do this by myself!) so I cut some individual "boards" out of my leftover piece and put it along the top to hide my imperfections!
I was super happy with how it looked when I got the mural all up but then I hated my Grey Goose color choice from last weekend! :o( It just looked horrible. You can see it {here} or up in the first picture. The mural is white and grey as you can see and the paint was really tan and kind of clashed so I repainted today! Luckily I'm a painting superstar! :oD

I mixed my own so I didn't have to go buy more. I used some white that was left here by the previous home owners, the smidge of Capricorn Grey left over from my laundry room and a tiny bit of the Olive Grey from the closet bump out and living room wall. It's a very soft grey now and it looks so much better with the mural!

My curtains also arrived so I'm excited to get those up and get rid of those hideous blue mini-blinds.

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