Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Laundry Room Redo - Decorations

I'm back to show you some of the decor in my laundry room! If you've been following along you might be thinking, "how is there room for anything else in that small room"... I know... but even for a room that has a total of 4 doorways into it and a wall of cabinets I still managed to squeeze in a few decorations! :o)
I put my cute little display cabinet in here. It used to be a gun case and I transformed it into a china cabinet of sorts! You can see that transformation {here}... you'll be surprised at how something so ugly can be cute I think! :o)
I filled it up with my vintage laundry collection. This collection has been whittled down quite a bit, I had a much larger laundry room at my last house and lots more stuff in it!
The two glass bottles on the left are from the dump, the jar in the middle filled with vintage clothes pins used to be my mom's cookie jar YEARS ago! The "Washington Laundry" brush is from Spokane, Washington which is a nearby town. And there is also the small child's toy laundry board thing... what are those called? I can't remember now! And finally a small white bowl filled with more clothespins.... now, from this point on I want you to pay attention to the number of clothespins that I have in this room! I have no IDEA where I got SO MANY!! lol!
On the next shelf are three old irons and some scrabble letters spelling out one of my favorite pastimes!
On the next shelf are some old detergent boxes (actually they all still have soap in them!) and in the center an old scrub brush that I'm using for a photo stand. It sits atop my grandma's old apron all folded up.
I found this picture on Pinterest, isn't she cute!? I cannot believe they actually had to do laundry like that!!
And finally on the bottom shelf are some old sock stretchers and another collection... this one is old whisk brooms in a basket.
On top is my little cleaning fairy. I found her at a garage sale so many years ago I can't even count, she's made by Boyd's Bears... remember all the moose and bear statues that were so popular a few years ago?
I love how she's climbing up onto the cabinet, what a thorough little cleaner she is! Wouldn't it just be awesome to have cleaning fairies for real?! lol!
I made this clothespin wreath... also found on Pinterest! It's by the very talented junk queen, Mamie Jane! Go check her's out along with the tutorial for how to make it {here}.
I also used an old door knob that I had in MY junk stash!  Note: more clothes pins!
I found this fun laundry room sign months ago at TJ Maxx. I never knew that these laundry symbols really existed but I looked at some of the tags on my clothes and there they are! Does anyone really know what they even mean though? Well... I guess I do now because I have this handy sign!
 I found this sign on clearance at Kohl's, it was only $1.99!
 Up above there are a couple of vintage fans.
You may remember the cupboards turned open shelving from a previous post at the beginning of the laundry room redo project with my collection of vintage dry cleaner advertising hangers.
On my new folding counter sits my Ball canning jar lamp (filled with MORE clothespins), a little clothespin picture I made, and the "fluffy towel" scented candle from TJ Maxx.
This bag is hanging on the side of the display cabinet and guess what it has inside? MORE clothespins! They are for the clothesline outside so they'll stay in the bag until I need them next summer... I think I've got them down to a manageable amount now! I think they must multiply like single socks missing their mates!
This is the hanger that was already here. I just painted it the same Arctic Cotton color as the doors and trim and I'm using it to hang my ironing board! Pretty much purely decorative mind you... but every laundry room needs an ironing board doesn't it?!
I had an old... washboard! Is that what they are called? I'm wracking my brain here! I saw one on Pinterest from a home tour on Apartment Therapy that had been made into a shelf and I though it was such a brilliant idea! You can see that one {here}.
It was such an easy thing to do and it actually serves another purpose other than being a cute shelf now. There used to be baseboard heating in this house and the old wall thermostats are still on the walls... and they are ugly. So I yanked the one in the laundry room off the wall, capped the wires and now the washboard (yep, I'm pretty sure that's what they are called) is covering the hole!

If you want to see the other projects from the whole laundry room redo series you can see them here:

All that's left for this room is to frost the glass on the new sliding barn door window! My next project I'm going to start is the master bedroom.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Ornament Exchange Package

My ornament exchange package arrived today! When I looked at the return address I was so excited to see it was Donna from Distressed Donna Down Home! If you've never seen her blog you must check it out! She's so fun!
 Look at all the little packages! Yippee, I love presents!
This is what was inside! I just love the vintage postcards, SO cool! How did you know I would love those Donna?? :o)
The tiny little knee hugger girl is SO sweet, I love her! I've seen my share of knee hugger elves but I've never seen a girl before! I also love the tiny little bottle brush trees! In fact I used one just like these in my ornament I made for my exchange partner.
This little "Tiny Shakes of Christmas" is so adorable. I just left a comment on Donna's blog when she showed these little cuties saying I had to find some salt shakers so I could make some... now I don't have to!
And there are 6 of these charming pipe cleaner Santas, the perfect amount for decorating my tree!

Thank you so much Donna, I love every single thing! :o)

Be sure to check out Vicky's blog, Life on Willie Mae Lane too, she'll be having a linky party in December for all the ornament exchange partners to show off their new treasures!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Laundry Room Redo - Sliding Barn Door

Remember when I said I had one more big project left for my laundry room redo? Well here it is!
I'm so excited about my new sliding barn door... well, it's not really a barn door obviously! lol! I found this old door at my local Habitat store for only $10!
At first I had picked out a solid wood door but then I saw this one and thought since my living room is so dark already it might be nice to have the window to allow the light to come through still when it's closed. The back of my house gets all the sunlight :o(

I'm still planning on painting the door, I just have to figure out what color. And I'm also going to frost the glass with the word laundry on it.
I think there must have been a cat door in it at one time that someone blocked off. Some people would have passed on it for that very reason but I thought it just added more character! :o)
My dad and I whipped this project out Saturday... yep whipped it out in about 5 hours! lol! I think the part that took the longest was shopping for the supplies (we had to hit up both Lowe's and Home Depot to get all the piping, floor flanges, tees, nipples, flanges, and things I've never even heard of before!)
We used Kristi's plan over at Addicted to Decorating. It worked great although my door doesn't slide quite as easily as it would if I had hard wood floors instead of carpet, but it does slide!! Yippee! I'm so excited about that part because it was questionable for a while if it would work. When we first got it all up and tried to roll the door back and forth it wouldn't hardly budge :o( Turns out we were just being too impatient and needed to let the Liquid Nails glue we used dry the full 24 hours! So today when I was finally able to try it out, it worked like a charm!
I used sliding closet door pulls for the hole where the door knob was. They are like little cups and come in brass, nickel, and this bronze.
Again with the sucky pictures... sorry... it's that dark living room that does it! I swear!

Here is the before:

I'll be back in a couple of days to show you the rest of the decor!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Altered Star Ornament

I joined Vicky's ornament exchange over at Life on Willy Mae Lane so I thought I'd show my ornament I made for my partner before I sent it on it's way tomorrow :o)
The pictures just don't do it justice, it turned out really cute {if I do say so myself!} I hope my exchange partner likes it.
 I'm calling it "Blue Bird's Christmas". I used a large metal star for the back.
 And can you guess what the little pocket holding the bird's nest is made from?
Here's a closer look.... it's the back, clasp part of a bra! It was in a box of old sewing notions that I found at an estate sale and I thought it made a cute little pocket to hold the blue bird's little Christmas scene!
I added some glittered greenery along the front edge of the nest, the Merry Christmas sign is off of an old, gaudy Christmas lapel pin.
I made little stockings out of white felt, they are "pinned" on with vintage pearl head pins... just waiting for Santa to fill them will little birdie treats!
And the tiny Christmas tree was bleached and then glittered and decorated with vintage Christmas garland pieces.I also stuck some pretty white feathers here and there to soften it up a bit.
 And I made a cute little crown for the vintage blue bird I used!

What do you think? I hope she likes it. I'll be sharing my ornament that I receive from my secret partner soon I hope :o)

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Laundry Room Redo - New Lighting

Hey there! I'm back with some more updates to my laundry room. In case you've missed any of the progress and want to catch up you can check out the previous posts here:

This weekend I worked on changing out the ceiling light, a new laundry hamper, and finally a curtain for the back door.

I found this light at Lowe's:
It's the Portfolio French Bronze Mix and Match Mini Pendant Light.

And this shade:
It's the Portfolio 6.75" x 8" French Bronze Metal Mix and Match Mini Pendant Light Shade.

Here is what the light that was in there looked like:
It was a nice light but not my style and SO BRIGHT!!! I felt like I was folding clothes in a hospital surgery room! lol!

Here is what it looks like with my new mini pendant light:
 Eeeeeek! Cute right?!
It was easy to install too and luckily they must have put that other monstrosity up after they painted the ceiling because there were no paint lines around where the light was! Bonus!
I think the hardest part of the whole project was figuring out how to get the shade on the pendant! I finally figured out that the pendant has two pieces, you unscrew the bottom piece and then put the shade up and that piece screws back on and holds the shade in place. Sheesh! I felt like a moron for a little bit! lol!
I put a vintage style squirrel cage or Edison bulb in my new light. I got mine from Decor Steals but they have them at Lowe's too.

I also created a liner for my faux vintage laundry basket.

I call it faux vintage because it's not really vintage, and it's not really a laundry basket. The basket is metal and it's actually a grocery store display... look familiar? We won't talk about how I got my hands on a grocery store display, m'kay? ;o)
I used a piece of a thrifted white sheet to make my liner. I just measured around the basket and the depth, then took the removable bottom out of the basket and traced around it for the round bottom piece. Stitched them all together and then folded the top over to make a casing for the drawstring to hold the liner tight around the top of the basket.
I made a cute little drawstring out of some of the leftover fabric from the hot water heater disguise!

And last I made a simple little white curtain for the back door... again out of some of that sheet and a little strip of the yellow polka-dot fabric.

I have one more big project to do for this room and some decor to show you then it will be finished!

The room is coming along so nicely! That little dog door reminds me of a sunny little sunroof... only in the door... and way closer to the floor than the ceiling... :o)

Hope you had a great weekend!