Friday, September 19, 2014

Overwhelmed and Tired

I feel so overwhelmed and tired right now I just want to cry :o( If  you don't know, I sold my house and bought a new-to-me house. Today is the closing day for both houses and I have to be out of my house by 9pm tonight (this will already have come and gone by the time some of you have read this), but the really crappy part is that I can't have the keys to my new place until mid-afternoon today. Luckily they have given me access to the garage at my new place early and it is full now... along with a 10' x 12' storage unit... FULL!

A friend has been helping when he can and my parents have both helped but I still have stuff in the house that I have to get out today... and I'm tired.

A couple of days ago my parents were here helping me and we moved the little shed. We had to pick it up and kind of roll it over the fence because it was 1" too wide to go through the gate. Luckily it's plastic and pretty lightweight so the three of us got it and then my dad and I got it into the backyard at my new place by ourselves.
Here's where it sat in the backyard... kind of sad... makes me wanna cry looking at this picture... ok, maybe that's just me being overwhelmed because at this point everything makes me want to cry.

Yesterday my mom and I moved stuff allll day. We almost had a catastrophe on the freeway between houses. We had a little wind storm hit and it grabbed hold of my electric fireplace that was in the back of my truck and tipped it over and it almost fell out! I about had a heart attack and my mom who was driving her truck behind me about did too! I was envisioning it causing wrecks and all kinds of carnage. We pulled over and strapped it in better and made it but that was nerve wracking for sure!

My mom took this picture of Roxanne and Pongo over the fence. They are so confused and concerned :o( And I'm nervous about taking them to their new place today... nervous one of them might decide to mark their new territory IN THE HOUSE!!! Crossing my fingers that doesn't happen. Nervous that they might get out of their new back yard because the fence over there needs repairs and yesterday one of the neighbor dogs miraculously appeared in MY back yard from his somehow.

Last night my dad came down and we took my trailer over. I hope no one steals it. We turned it around backwards at the new place so I think it will be fine. The lights didn't work so he had to follow me closely just so we could get it to the new place before dark :o(

I will be SO glad when today is over... now I need to go shower and get ready to start again. I am so sore I want to cry... ok... I'm overwhelmed I know.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Update on the Rental

I have one more final update on my parent's rental. If you didn't see the post about The Renter From Hell you may want to check these posts to see how far this little house has come:

The inside is all done and the new renter has moved in but there was still the outside to deal with. Here is a good before shot. What you can't really see here though is that the bottom half of the house was in sad, sad shape from years and years of sprinklers and just regular weather wear. The new barn red front door has already been installed here.
Instead of re-siding the whole house though my parent's opted to place a new layer of horizontal siding over the bottom half of the house.
 Here is my dad (on the left) and his friend working on that.
So you can see on the front (and back) they went all the way up to the seam and on the sides they just went up a few feet. I think already it looks tons better!
That ugly particle board piece covering the hole where the air conditioner used to be is now gone!

Next is paint!!
 Grey with white trim... just like my house! :o)

Look at how nice that siding looks now!
 They also decided to have the garage painted as well.

 And the little sheds too!
Look how nice! It just makes me smile... this poor little house has been through the ringer but now it looks so great!
Here is a view from the neighbor's yard. The house with the two garage doors is my parent's house too, it's the house I grew up in which is now a rental as well.

What do you think?

Sunday, September 7, 2014

What I've Been Doing When I Should Be Packing!

I'm getting really excited since I shared my secret news with you! I really should be packing... and I have started but I've also been working on a couple of last minute projects before I pack up all my crafting supplies!
Yep! I've been making pillows! This stresses some people out but in my defense I have a couple of points to make... very valid points...

1. Since I am packing up in preparation for my move to my new place and I have no idea how long it will be before I can get my sewing machine back out!

2. Envelope closure pillows take about 10 minutes to make and that includes cutting out the fabric, sewing them up, and shoving the pillow inside! So, I spent less than an hour of my "should be packing" time making these!

3. I am a single woman and I can do what I want! :o) Of course anyone who may be coerced into helping me move maaay be slightly irritated if I'm not done packing when moving day arrives.

Ok, back to the pillows!
I see so many cute pillows for sale on Etsy and I love them but I don't love their prices! They run about $25.00 to $50.00... PER PILLOW!!! If you can sew a straight line you can sew a pillow.
So instead I found some cute fabric on Etsy. I'll share the shops that I got them from at the bottom of this post.
I want to incorporate some tribal (in a very soft, whimsical sort of way) accents into my decor and I thought these two prints were really cute.
I wanted to stretch the fabric I bought so I could get two of each pillow so I used different fabric for the backs. I had the grey chevron fabric. I got it awhile back from Pick Your Plum.
And I used some drop cloth fabric that was left over from my old couch slipcover for the gray arrow pillows. The backs aren't nearly as cute as the fronts since I chose to do the envelope style closing but that's fine by me. I have two dogs and I need to be able to remove and wash these!

I also made this cute little pillow out of an old T-shirt!
 It cracks me  up! It's a spin-off of the famous American Gothic picture by Grant Wood.
 I think that might be my last project before moving day... which is less than 2-weeks away.
Now they are going to be packed up!

The arrow fabric is from The Littlest Bean. She does sell already made pillow covers for VERY reasonable if you don't want to sew your own! I paid $8.70 (including shipping).
The feathers fabric is from Indeed Fabric and I paid only $7.20 (including shipping).

I used two IKEA feather pillow inserts and two old couch pillows I already had for these. And I already had the squirrel T-shirt and another pillow insert. So for just under $16.00 I have 5 new pillows! Yay!

Monday, September 1, 2014

End Table Redo

So, since I won't be doing a Treasure Trove Tuesday post for awhile after my big news, I thought I'd show you my latest project instead. I don't know if you remember The Renter From Hell but he left behind some furniture that I brought home.
This little end table was one of the things he left. So sorry for the aweful pictures, my camera batteries were dead and I really wanted to get started on this table so cell phone pics it is!
I sanded it down to get the sheen off and then painted it with Oyster Shell colored paint that I had left over from my living room.
And I sprayed the metal handle with blue! I'm incorporating some colorful accents into my decor and this is one of the colors. I'm excited to put it all together in my new house!
 I love how it turned out... I love the creaminess of this white.
And I decided to do the same thing to the drawer that I did with the other piece left by this renter.
I used some pretty blue contact paper that I had on hand and covered the inside and the sides of the drawer.
 I think it turned out pretty sweet!
 What do you think?