Friday, February 15, 2013

Jewelry Box on the Wall

You've all probably seen the cute little bulletin boards turned jewelry storage right? Well, I decided to make myself one too! I actually finished this months ago and forgot to post about it?! SHAME on me!

This is the bulletin board that I found at Goodwill for $1.99. Just a cheapy little bulletin board that looks like it was for a girl's bedroom.

I scrounged through my stash of fabric and drawer pulls and found everything I needed at home so the only thing i bought for this project was the bulletin board... I even had the upholstery tacks!

Even though I already had the fabric I remember buying it at Walmart for only a couple of bucks a yard. I like the delicate, shabby looking floral print!

Sorry my picture quality isn't that good, this is in my bedroom which is in the basement and only has one small window, it's really hard to get good pictures down there. :o/

I didn't do a tutorial because they are ALL OVER blog-land already and really, it's pretty easy to figure our on your own. I just stapled the fabric to the wooden board frame on the backside, nailed the upholstery tacks in as close to the frame edge as I could and then screwed the drawer pulls right into the board using the nuts to hold them securely from the back (note, you may have to cut off a few of the drawer pull bolts on the back if they stick out too far so your board can hang flat against the wall).

I love this jewerly box on the wall! My necklaces don't get all tangled up like they used to, I can see what I have to choose from, and there's even room to add more drawer pulls for more jewelry!! :o)

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