Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Next Vintage Trailer Project

I went to my parent's house today to take some pictures of our next vintage trailer project. We are all done with my vintage trailer and she was recently featured on Happy Loves Rosie's blog. So, we are already planning our next project which is my dad's 1950 teardrop trailer!

Here is my dad next to it! Isn't it cute?! These are just big enough to sleep in, basically the whole inside is mattress, and the kitchen is on the back, outside. While this picture doesn't look too bad please brace yourself for the rest... they are true BEFORE pictures!!

 It has a door on either side and the windows open for ventilation.

We have fenders to make it cuter!

 Don't you just love that nice pleather tufted interior!? That is definitely going bye-bye.
You can see how the inside is all mattress here.
We pulled off one of the panels... it practically fell off! It's just a piece of thin plywood with batting and pleather stretched over it. I'm thinking it would be cute to redo it with some nice fabric... it's going to be cute... but in a manly sort of way since this is my dad's trailer! If it were mine it would probably be all polka dots and flowers... I may be able to get away with a polka dot or two but probably not flowers! :o)
This is the kitchen area... although you can clearly see that this one does not have a kitchen per say... just an area to put one!
 Here is a closer view... it definitely needs work!
Lovely countertop don't you think? NOT! We will replace that with something retro and cool!
Here is a kitchen mock-up, lol! We have a teeny-tiny sink (on the right) that we can install and a nice yellow camp stove!

 Now for the inside. It has a little bit of storage and more of that lovely pleather! We will probably be replacing the dome lights with something more vintage looking.
 Inside the storage cupboard... blech!
It definitely needs to be stripped and cleaned really well but it seems to be pretty sound structurally so that's good!
The ceiling is some sort of white plasticy stuff, we may leave that... not sure yet... maybe leave it but paint it?
This is the GROSS foam matress that was in there... ick... actually the condition of the foam isn't too bad but we are thinking it's not really thick enough to be very comfortable. Maybe a twin size futon mattress would work. That's what I did in my trailer, I bought a full size futon mattress on for $100 which is cheaper than buying new foam!

Here is a size comparison... that is my dad's smart car... looks pretty dang cute but I'm pretty sure it won't actually pull the trailer!

Now I thought I'd show some adorable teardrops that are already finished so you can get an idea how cute this thing can be!

Isn't this one so cute? I love the paint job although I doubt we will do anything like that. But I definitely think we need a table like that! And there will have to be cute curtains!

This one looks like it's cozy inside and I love the painted fenders! Wouldn't our fenders be cute painted?


Love the awning! Ours has a small awning channel so we'll need one of those! Doesn't that look sweet inside? A little too girly for my dad but so cute!


I love the kitchen in this one... everything has a place and there are cubbies and cabinets all over! And there are those painted fenders again!

Source: Flickr

Another cute kitchen... I like the towel bar and pop up table. I also like how this one says "fleetwood camper" on the side... maybe we can add our own logo... my dad's trailer is an "HM"...... HM=home made... LOLOLOL! Oh, sorry.

Well, what do you think? Looks like a big project huh? But SO MUCH possibility! Have any suggestions?


  1. Love it and it looks like such fun to redo one. I've never seen the inside of a small one like that, so thanks for the tour.

    1. Thanks Kim. I think it will be fun to work on too :o)


  2. Great pictures! It'll be nice to see something going on with this one!

  3. That's going to be so cute when you redo it! Love the picture of it behind the smart car....:) I think oil cloth would be great on the panels and it's easy to clean. has some beautiful oil cloth but I'm not sure if any are very manly. You should check it out. I'm looking forward to the transformation!!! Have a wonderful week....Vicky

    1. Thanks Vicky! I love the idea of the oil cloth!


  4. What a cute trailer/caravan - Did you ever see Ade in Britain? I think he towed one of these. You will have to try and sneak in a little polka dot and floral somewhere. Can't wait to see the after pics.

    1. Thanks Lorna. I have never seen Ade in Britain. There are quite a few of these in the US. I think it's going to be a fun project :o)



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